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Promote the health of a few eyeglasses industry policy recommendations
(A) to accelerate the pace of standardization

eyeglasses have become industry standards lagged behind the development of a short board, optical industry is now in service standards (national and industry standards) a total of 18, which in addition to GB 10810.2-2006, GB 10810.3-2006, QB2506-2001 (2009), QB/T1912-1993 (2009), the rest of the standard the standard age of more than five years, while at the same time the standard of foreign products not only standard eyeglasses a young age, and basic international standards, which is China's largest producer of eyeglasses as the identity of most do not match!

Recommend close attention to the dynamics of foreign (especially German standards), and revision of the standard focus on learning, drawing on German standards.

(B) increase the financial support to enterprises

Increase loans to enterprises and accelerate the lending rate, especially for small and medium enterprises account for the vast majority of financial support, will implement the SME lending business; increase the optical intensity of direct financing to support more eyeglasses market.

(C) support the optical industry, building its own brand

Brand is the core competitiveness, but also the market leader, the optical industry as a high degree of market sectors, value of the brand is more important!

Characteristics of the optical industry, regional and industry cluster policy, financial support; the optical leading enterprise asset restructuring, listing and financing support; of eyeglasses domestic and international exhibition support brand building to support the optical industry, three important starting point and focus .

(D) According to the changes in the optical market, encourage research and development of high-tech optical lens design and processing technology.

(E) for the rural market potential, recommended the introduction of spectacles to the countryside policy.